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Reliable and secure
video analytics

We turn video into a source of valuable information

Ensure safety,
boost your sales.

We believe that AI should enhance people's lives, and simplify their work by constantly and accurately helping them see, understand, and evaluate things.

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Deep dive into your video content and unveiling insights that enhance engagement.
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Safety and security

Vigilant AI sentinel, swiftly identifying potential hazards to enhance security.
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Business world's crystal ball, using AI to turn video data into success-driving insights.
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Decipher traffic patterns and optimize flow for a smoother and convenient journey.
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Enhance your business using our video analysis package
for security and business needs.


Choose our cloud, powered by Microsoft, for top-notch data security. Benefit from redundancy and secure data encryption.


Consistent video monitoring that outperforms human operators. Invest in accuracy to reduce expenses.


Improve video monitoring and save time. Generate insightful reports compatible with your favourite visualization tool.


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Monitor road conditions and implement adjustments to ensure smooth traffic flow.

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Production and logistics

Revolutionize your logistics operations by streamlining efficiency and reducing costs.

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Industry and construction

Transform your industrial projects, boost productivity and ensure safety at every step.

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Upgrade your security measures and deliver unwavering protection and peace of mind.

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Marketing and business

Maximise your marketing and sales potential and achieve data-driven success.

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Public sector

Empower the public sector by enhancing safety and serving the community.


Run the app on your hardware, have it combined or
leave it on our highly secured cloud.

Standalone service
Azure Cloud – Leave it on us
Hybrid – We will help you

Standalone service


Interested in deploying our application on your hardware? Rest assured! We're here to assist with the setup and provide a tailored licensing option. ‎ ‎ ‎

Contact us and learn more

Leave it on us!


Utilize the application deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform. We guarantee constant service, fast responses and high security.

Highest security

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We will help you.


Unlock centralized video analysis management with no need of high-speed internet. Our Edge Computing solution ensures top-notch security and global access while reducing hardware costs.

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Starting up?
Follow these steps.

  • 1.Login with your Microsoft Azure account
  • 2.In Azure, search for "Marketplace"
  • 3.Search for our service in the Azure Marketplace
  • 4.Subscribe to our service
  • 5.Learn more from our instructional materials
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

How to use the application


Choosing a video data source

Upload a video recording (Online video comming soon)


Scene configuration

Marking the required zones for measurement, selecting an object to be monitored, defining the event to be monitored.


Perform an analysis

The analysis of the video or the whole sequence is done in the background. We will inform you of its completion by email notification.


Seeing the results

View and refine the data directly within the application or retrieve a .CSV data file for additional visualization in your preferred software.
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We made your life easier by making
an instructional videos on Azure.

Learn more about our product on the Azure Marketplace

Security guaranteed.

Every step of our development goes through the hands of our renowned and certified testers. We perform regular preventive penetration testing.

Regular Penetration Testing
ISO Certification
Certified Testers

Plans tailored to your needs.

Choose the plan that suits your needs prefectly.

Entry plan
Proffesional plan


The Entry plan is effective for evaluating the solution before full deployment.

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  • Basic workspace
  • Low recurring subscription fee
  • Basic workspace – storage size of 100 GB
  • Basic 7 days of data retention period
  • For analyzing up to 7 videos of 12 hours or less a month, the Entry plan is recommended


The Professional plan is more cost-effective for larger video analysis needs.

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  • Larger workspace
  • Lower unit price for video analytics
  • Larger workspace – storage size of 250GB
  • Data retention period of 14 days allowing confident management and analysis of video data
  • Designed to suit customers deploying their video analytics solution
  • For analyzing more than 7 videos that are 12 hours or longer a month, the Professional plan is recommended

AI video analysis from A to Z

What we do at CCVis

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Video analysis

Video analysis is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to dissect footage, extract valuable insights, and predict outcomes.
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Cloud and on-premise

Depending on your specific needs and preferred usage, we provide our solution in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid formats to ensure it aligns with your requirements.
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Our teams are dedicated to blending computer vision capabilities and innovative solutions to uncover future potential for the benefit of our clients.
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Tailor-made solutions

Got a concept to enhance your business with our solutions? We thrive on distinctive challenges. We provide custom solutions that precisely match your requirements.

We have a strong background

We are a part of Certicon family. CertiCon a.s. is a leading software development company that specializes in creating cutting-edge solutions for various industries.

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